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Labor vs. Materials - Exporting to QuickBooks Online
Labor vs. Materials - Exporting to QuickBooks Online

How labor and material price list items in Housecall Pro export to the Parts and Services list in QuickBooks Online

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At this time the Housecall system does not separate Labor vs Materials when exporting your price list information to QuickBooks. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

When you save price list items in Housecall Pro, they will export and link to a service and parts item in QuickBooks online.  Once the item is created in QuickBooks online, you may choose to edit the item type in QuickBooks online to be that of a part or service.  

Housecall Pro welcomes your suggestions and requests for updated features. If you are in need of this feature for your business, please contact Housecall Pro through the chat bubble and request your vote be added for this feature. Thank you!

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