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QuickBooks Online: Bill Pay
QuickBooks Online: Bill Pay

Learn how Housecall Pro Bill Pay works with the QuickBooks Online API integration.

Written by Betty Bramlitt
Updated over a week ago

Bill Pay is now connected to QuickBooks Online Bill Pay. Automatically send bills created in Housecall Pro to QuickBooks Online. When a bill is paid, the invoice is automatically updated in QuickBooks Online saving you time and accurate reporting.

Prerequisite: Pros must be...

How does Bill Pay connect to QuickBooks Online Bill Pay?

Pros connected to QuickBooks Online and pay a bill in Housecall Pro will automatically send the bill record to QuickBooks Online.

  1. Vendors: If a vendor is created in Housecall Pro and added to a bill. When the bill is saved, the Vendor is also created in QuickBooks Online.

    Note: Vendors cannot have the same name as customers or employees in QuickBooks Online.

  2. Bills: When a bill is created and submitted in Housecall Pro. The bill will also be automatically created in QuickBooks Online.

  3. Payments: When the bill is paid (check has cleared) the bill will automatically update in QuickBooks Online to show the bill has been paid.

  4. Chart of Accounts (Category): Housecall Pro will automatically create an expense account to record the transaction under the proper chart of accounts. This account is called Housecall Pro Money - Bill Pay

For more information on how Housecall Pro Bill Pay works. See our FAQ's

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