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Getting Started with Bill Pay
Getting Started with Bill Pay
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This feature is only available to a select group of alpha testers

Bill Pay is a tool designed to help Pros pay their company’s bills within Housecall Pro. In this article, we'll give you a few tips on how to get started with this feature and how to pay your first bill!

ⓘ Bill Pay only supports check payments for bills at this time. We'll be adding additional payment methods in the future.

Step 1. Fund your HCP Money account

✨This is the most important step✨ to ensure you have the money to pay your first bill.

There are 2 main ways to fund your account: transferring money from an external bank account into your account or setting up a minimum balance.

If you're not already an HCP Money user, learn how to sign up today. 👇

Step 2. Create a vendor to pay

Include the following details for this vendor:

  • Vendor name

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip code

  • Vendor phone number (optional)

  • Vendor email address (optional)

  • Account information (optional)

ⓘ The 'Vendor name' and address you input will be used as the payee name and mailing address for the check once the bill is submitted. You can update vendor information at any time, but please confirm the name and address before submitting the bill for payment.

Click 'Next' and this vendor will be added to your vendor directory.

Step 3. Create a bill

To create a new bill you'll enter the following bill details:

  • Bill description

  • Total amount

  • Invoice number (optional)

  • Job number (optional)

  • Bill due date

  • Attachments (optional)

  • Memo (optional)

ⓘ The 'Memo' field is optional but the details entered will be printed on the check mailed to the vendor.

After you've entered the necessary bill details your can click 'Save as draft' or 'Next'. By clicking 'Next' you'll be able to review the vendor and bill details before submitting it for payment.

Step 4. Review and submit for payment

Before submitting the bill for payment, review the vendor and bill details for any errors. You can update any of the details by clicking the 'Edit' button next to each section.

If you're ready to submit the bill for payment click the 'Submit Payment' button.

ⓘ After you click 'Submit Payment' a check will be created and mailed to the vendor in 7-10 business days. You're HCP Money account will immediately be debited the amount of the bill.

Congrats! You just paid your first bill with Bill Pay!

You'll receive text and email notifications that the bill has been submitted. You can also monitor the status of each bill from the 'Overview' page.




The bill has been submitted for payment and the check has been/will be created and mailed to the vendor.


The check has been received and cashed by the vendor.


A bill has been drafted but not submitted for payment

This icon indicates the bill is overdue based on the due date

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