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Transferring your own domain
Transferring your own domain

Transfer your domain to Housecall Pro in order to utilize a Housecall Pro Website Builder website

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In order to transfer your domain to Housecall pro, you'll need to:

  1. Unlock your domain for transfer from your current domain host

  2. Receive an authorization/EPP code from your current domain host

  3. Chat in to the blue bubble with both your domain URL and authorization code so that we can begin the transfer for you

Things to remember:

  • ICANN policies state that domains may only be transferred every 60 days. Unfortunately we have no control over this. If your domain was recently purchased or transferred using another service we will have to wait 60 days before being able to transfer it in. This also applies to transferring domains out of our hosting service.ย 

  • Domain transferring is only available on our Fixed or Success Website Builder plans

โ€‹If you are looking to point your domain instead click here

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