Getting started

If you haven't already, you will first need to sign up for a G Suite account. You can do that here (note that G Suite accounts have a cost associated with them. We recommend starting out on their Basic plan)

  • During the setup process you will be asked if your business has a domain: answer this question with "Yes, I have one I can use"

Once you have your G Suite account set up

  1. From the Admin Console, click on the Click here to get started near the top of the page

2. Choose 'Activate' next to 'Activate Gmail for yourdomain'

3. Click on 'Continue'

4. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and find the verification code associated with step 5 (note: you do not have to complete steps 1-4 on your own. We will take care of those for you on our end once you provide us the code from step 5)

5. Once you have that code, chat into the Blue Chat Bubble from your Housecall Pro account. Copy and paste the code into a chat and ask to get your Website Builder domain hooked up for G Suite.

6. After we are able to add the verification and other MX records to your domain, you'll be all set to come back to G Suite and choose 'Activate Gmail'

Please note: these instructions only provide to domains purchased directly through Housecall Pro Website Builder or transferred into our registrar services. If you own your domain through another provider and have it pointed at our hosting service to display a Website Builder site, you will need to work with your domain registrar in order to set up G Suite or any other mail services.

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