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How to Set Up Exclusion Tags in Your Reviews App
How to Set Up Exclusion Tags in Your Reviews App

Learn how to use tags to determine who does or doesn't receive a review request through job tags and customer tags.

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If you have customers or specific jobs that you would like to stop from receiving review requests, you can utilize the exclusion tags in the reviews app.

Once you have the Reviews app activated you can then click on MY APPS > REVIEWS.

  • once in the Reviews app you will want to click on the setting gear icon located in the top right corner of the page.

  • a sidebar will pop out and you will see a section for excluding specific tags. Here you can enter any tags that are already in another section of Housecall Pro or create new tags. You can use multiple tags as well.

  • If the exclusion tag is for a customer, then you can add a customer tag to their profile and exclude them from getting requests on any jobs moving forward.

  • If the exclusion tag is used for job tags, you can choose specific jobs to exclude from receiving a request.

  • Customer exclusion tags can't be used on jobs, and vice versa. You must use a customer exclusion tag on customers, and job exclusion tag on jobs. However, you can add the same tag for both a customer and job.

  • The job tag can be used for segmented jobs as well. If you only want a review request sent on the last segment, use exclusion tags for all the segments leading up to the last one.

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