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What is the reviews app and what can I do with it?

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When the Reviews app is enabled, an email and text message will be automatically sent to your customer asking for a review. This is a great way to improve your service and develop testimonials.

You can turn on the Reviews app from the app store. 

  • Once you've enabled Reviews, access the app page by clicking 'My Apps' on the top right side of your HCP account.

  • Select 'Reviews'

  • If you haven't hooked up your Facebook or Google accounts yet, just click the icon to get those site connected

  • Click the 'Settings' icon (gear in the upper right corner). 

On the 'Settings' panel, you can:

  • Exclude customers from receiving a request for a review based on customer or job tags

  • Allow review review requests to send to customers who have notifications turned off for their profile 

  • Turn on/off your Google My Business account or Facebook account

  • Determine which reviews automatically appear on your reviews page or Website by Housecall Pro.

  • Get access to your reviews page

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NOTE: Any of your customers that have an email address will be sent directly to Google to leave their review.

Only customers with email addresses will be directed to Google to leave their review. All others will be split between Facebook and My Reviews (if you have Facebook connected).

  • To view all of your review requests, click on the Activity icon from the reviews page  


When will the email and text be sent out?

The email and text will send when the job is marked as finished.

How can I see that the email and text were sent out?

The activity feed on the job will show when the email and text were sent out.

If I have more than one employee on a job, who does that review count for?

In the employee ratings section, you can see the number of reviews and average rating by employee. If more than one employee is listed on a job, that review will count towards all of those employees total number of reviews and average rating. 

What do the email and text message look like?

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