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How to setup the Gusto integration
How to setup the Gusto integration

Learn how to connect Gusto and Housecall Pro

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Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: From any page, click the “My Apps” icon and select “Go to App Store”.

Step 2: In the App Store, find and select the Gusto app card by clicking on "Learn More"

Step 3: On the Gusto app details page, click Get Started in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Once enabled, you will need to either sign in or sign up for a Gusto account. If you are signing up for a Gusto account, follow the on screen question prompts.

Step 5: After logging into your Gusto account, you need to authorize Gusto to access your Housecall Pro account.

Step 6: Next, you will begin matching employees in Housecall Pro to employees in Gusto. This will ensure that hours tracked in Housecall Pro are linked to the time card for the correct employee in Gusto. Click NEXT once you are done.

Step 7: Confirm employee matches and click CONFIRM.

Step 8: Confirm employee matching one last time. Once you click CONFIRM on this pop up, Housecall Pro will override any hours in Gusto for open pay periods with time tracking hours in Housecall Pro for that pay period.

Once all the steps above have been completed, all hours tracked in Housecall Pro will sync to Gusto!

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