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Job Inbox: Integration with eLocal
Job Inbox: Integration with eLocal

Connecting eLocal to your Housecall Pro account

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Housecall Pro has partnered with eLocal to bring your leads directly to your HCP Inbox! We know you are already using eLocal to boost your business and win more jobs, and now you can easily connect your two accounts to log it all in one place - your Housecall Pro app.

This integration marks the next step in enhancing Job Inbox, a new feature that sources jobs and leads from third-party partners, and delivers them directly to your inbox. What's even more exciting is that you can add on our new Pipeline tool so that you can efficiently manage your eLocal leads all the way through the sales funnel.

To use this integration, you must have an account with eLocal. Pricing for leads is set by eLocal and managed in your eLocal account.

Connect your eLocal Account

To set up the integration between Housecall Pro and eLocal, start by navigating to your App Store and selecting Job Inbox.

Once in the Job Inbox App Card, use the toggle to activate eLocal.

Now when you go to the Inbox in your HCP account, you will find the new eLocal channel.

Inbox View on Mobile:

Navigate to your Inbox in your HCP account, and find the new eLocal channel.

When you click “Sign In” you will be prompted to link your eLocal and Housecall Pro accounts.

Follow the sign in prompts. You will be taken to eLocal to sign in, and then tap "Return to Housecall Pro" to come back to your HCP Inbox as shown below:

Enter your Username and Password:

Your eLocal account is now connected to Housecall Pro!

Getting eLocal Leads in Job Inbox

Here is what it looks like to receive an eLocal lead directly to your HCP Inbox.

New Lead View on Mobile:

When you see an eLocal lead come through Job Inbox, tap “Learn More” for additional information (The “Fee paid for lead” will have already automatically come out of your eLocal balance):

When you tap "See attachments" you will have access to the recording of the call that initiated the lead. Under "Go to Customer Profile" you will be able to see all the customer information that was gathered from the phone call. The only guaranteed piece of info is the customer's phone number.

Note: The customer name that is listed comes from data we get from the phone provider, and is usually the name that Caller ID displayed. Please verify and confirm the customer's name when you reach out to them.

From the new lead, you can easily convert the lead to a job or estimate:

When you convert a new lead from eLocal to a job or estimate, you have the option to continue your conversation with the customer via chat.

And that’s it! By using the eLocal and Housecall Pro integration, you’ll eliminate duplicate entry and increase your conversion rate of leads into active customers.

Click here for more information about managing your eLocal leads in Pipeline.

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