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Create checklist templates

Learn how to create custom checklist templates that you can then attach to jobs and ensure technicians perform specific tasks on each job.

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Instructions for creating a checklist template:

First, click on the MY APPS icon in the top right side of your screen and then GO TO APP STORE.


Next, scroll down til you see the "Checklists" option and click View Details on the card for Checklists.

Next, toggle the app on from DISABLED to ACTIVE. The toggle can be found in the top right corner of your screen.

Press the arrow to the left of APP DETAILS in the top left of your screen

Click on MY APPS in the top right corner of your screen and now you should see CHECKLISTS in the dropdown. Click on CHECKLISTS.

From here, click on +CHECKLIST on the right hand side of your screen to create a new checklist template. This page will show you already created templates going forward.

Next, name your Checklist and start adding in checklist items. Access HVAC checklist template guides here.

You have the option of choosing from the following 3 types:

  • Checkbox - Simple check to mark an item off as done

  • Text - Record notes, readings, findings, or any other text

  • Pass/Flag/Fail - Mark the status of a component with a green, yellow, or red status indicator

Once you are finished adding in your checklist items press NEXT in the top right corner of your screen.

  • You can prevent an employee from being able to finish a job if they have not completed a checklist by turning the first toggle ON.

  • You can also choose to automatically add the checklist to new jobs by turning the second toggle ON.

    • Note that when a new recurring job is created, checklists with this setting ON will be added to all recurrences.

    • Checklists with this setting ON will also be added to jobs converted from approved estimates

Press the SAVE button in the top right corner of your screen when done.

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