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Connecting Housecall Pro and Beeline Routes
Connecting Housecall Pro and Beeline Routes

How to connect Housecall Pro to Beeline Routes and what the integration does.

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Beeline Routes is an automation tool that maximizes jobs per route and minimizes driving times. Beeline finds the most optimized route (by day and by crew member) for your scheduled jobs and can recommend unscheduled jobs to add to a route.

To Connect the Integration:

  1. Click on the Beeline Routes app card in Housecall Pro

  2. Click Learn More to get redirected to Beeline Routes and sign up for an account with your business email

  3. Beeline Routes will send you an email link for confirmation

  4. You will be prompted to sign into your Housecall Pro account so Beeline Routes can access your appointments and crew.

  5. From there, you can sync with Housecall Pro and start to Beeline your routes!

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