Organizing Customers in QuickBooks Online

This article shows how to update customers in QuickBooks Online to ensure they will be imported into Housecall Pro.

Written by Betty Bramlitt
Updated over a week ago

Importing Customers from QuickBooks Online

One of the most common reasons that all data is not imported into Housecall Pro is because of the way customers are organized in QuickBooks.

When importing customers from QuickBooks Online, Housecall Pro will import Parent and 1st level sub-customers only. Note: Additional sub-customers (2nd level and beyond) will not be imported as well as any invoices associated with the sub-customer.

  • In the example above, 55 Twin Lane is a 2nd level sub-customer, and so would not be recognized by Housecall Pro. The customer and all associated invoices would fail to import.

How do I edit my sub-customers

To ensure all of your QuickBooks data is imported you will need to move any additional 2nd-level sub-customers (and beyond) to either the parent or 1st level sub-customer.

If you would like to make the sub-customer a parent customer, simply uncheck the “Is sub-customer” checkbox.

If you would like the customer to remain a sub-customer, select a parent (and not another sub-customer) from the drop down menu to ensure the customer is now a 1st-level sub-customer and will be imported.

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