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Import your Customers from QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to export your customers from QuickBooks Desktop to a .CSV file to bring them into to Housecall Pro

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Click here if you want to import all data from QuickBooks Desktop into Housecall Pro, including:

  • All customers (active and inactive) - Inactive Customer go into Housecall Pros' "Deleted Customer List"

  • Only one level of sub customers (parent/child) will import into Housecall Pro

  • All price list items (active and inactive) - Inactive price list items will be archived and will not be visible

  • All invoices (paid and unpaid)

  • Tax rates

  • Non-tax and taxable codes

  • Inventory items

If you want to import only your customers from QuickBooks Desktop, follow the steps in this article.

Pull your customer list over to Housecall Pro to get your account ready for use.

Open Quickbooks Desktop and go to the Customer Center. Click the 'Customers & Jobs' tab. Click the arrow next to 'All Customers' to choose which list of customers you would like to pull over. 

Remember, you only want to bring over the customer information that you'll use, to keep your Housecall Pro account clean and clutter free!

When the correct list is selected, the customers in the list will display in the left vertical pane. You can now export this list to Excel. 

Click the arrow next to the 'Excel' button in the toolbar and select 'Export Customer List.'

You'll be taken to the 'Export' window. Be sure to choose 'Create new worksheet' and 'in new workbook.' Then click 'Export' at the bottom of the window. 

Learn more about how Housecall Pro easily integrates with your QuickBooks account.

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