Make Sure Your QuickBooks Desktop is Ready to Integrate

Step 1 is to ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop integration meets requirements

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Software/Operating System Requirements

  • We integrate with all US versions of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • We support QuickBooks Desktop versions that are less than 3 years old than the current calendar year.

  • We integrate with the Contractor, Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions.

  • We only integrate with the Windows version and do not support Quickbooks Desktop for MAC or any other operating system.

  • QuickBooks Desktop is required to be up to date and running on Windows 10.

  • If QuickBooks Desktop is hosted in the cloud by a 3rd party, please verify that they allow integrations with other software. If not, you won’t be able to integrate with HCP unless you discontinue that service or switch to QuickBooks Online.

When Setting Up the Integration

  • The setup must be completed by a user that is an admin in both Housecall Pro and QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The setup must be completed in single-user mode within QuickBooks Desktop.

  • You cannot use a server computer. You must complete the setup on a computer that has access to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • It is critical that you maintain a stable internet connection until the setup is complete.

  • You must disable sleep mode settings on your computer.


What Information Will be Imported into Housecall Pro?

  • All customers (active and inactive) Inactive Customer go into Housecalls "Deleted Customer List"

  • Only one level of sub customers (parent/child) will import into Housecall Pro

  • All price list items (active and inactive) Inactive price list items will be archived and will not be visible

  • Price list item categories this includes inventory/non-inventory items)

  • All invoices (paid and unpaid)

  • Tax rates

  • Non-tax and taxable codes

  • Inventory items

What Information Will NOT be Imported into Housecall Pro?

  • Credit memos or sales receipts

  • Percent based line items

  • Nested price list items

  • Multiple levels of sub-customers

  • Multiple tax codes,

After the Initial Import, How Will the Integration Work?

  • Once history is imported and verified, the integration will become a one-way sync from Housecall Pro to QuickBooks Desktop only

  • HCP will push to QuickBooks Desktop when a job is marked finished, and invoice is sent to a customer, or an invoice is marked paid

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