Import Data from QuickBooks Desktop

Step 3 is to import data from QuickBooks Desktop into your Housecall Pro account

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What Information Will be Imported into Housecall Pro?

  • All customers (active and inactive) - Inactive Customer go into Housecalls "Deleted Customer List"

  • Only one level of sub customers (parent/child) will import into Housecall Pro

  • All price list items (active and inactive) - Inactive price list items will be archived and will not be visible

  • All invoices (paid and unpaid)

  • Tax rates

  • Non-tax and taxable codes

  • Inventory items

What Information Will NOT be Imported into Housecall Pro?

  • Credit memos or sales receipts

  • Percent based line items

  • Nested price list items

  • Multiple levels of sub-customers

  • Multiple tax codes,

How to Begin the Data Import into Housecall Pro

Step 1: Open Web Connector and click the checkbox on the far left of your screen next to HousecallProQBWC.

Step 2: Then click "Update Selected"

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter your Housecall Pro password and press "OK". It will ask you if you want to save the password, select yes to save your password.

Data will now begin downloading from QuickBooks Desktop

During the Import

You will see the Application Progress bar at the bottom on your screen. It will quickly reach 67% complete and then will progress much slower until finished. This is expected behavior.

If you notice any messaging on the screen in red, please take a screenshot of the error and click on "View Log". Take a screenshot of the log. Send BOTH screenshots to our chat support team using the Blue Bubble

Once Your Progress Reaches 100%

When both progress bars reach 100%, we have successfully downloaded your data from QuickBooks Desktop. Next, we’ll begin uploading it to our servers and then into your account. This process can take several hours depending on how much data you have. You must maintain a stable internet connection until this process is complete.

You’ll receive an email when it is complete.

Once complete, log into your account to review and verify the data imported before moving on to the next step.

Verify Data & Check Errors/Warnings

After coming back into Housecall Pro and reloading the QuickBooks Desktop App page you will see the following:

Click on customers, invoices, price list items, and warnings and errors to check:

  • The number of customers, invoices, and price list items imported into your account and verify that it matches what is in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • If parent/child (sub-customer) relationships imported properly. Remember we only support one-level deep sub-customers. Any additional levels will not transfer into HCP

  • Check warnings and errors on imported data here. This tutorial will explain warnings and errors and how to resolve them.

After you have reviewed the data, please chat into support and let us know if you want to clean up data in QuickBooks Desktop and re-import. You can also choose to dismiss all errors and move forward with syncing back to QuickBooks Desktop.

NOTE: Once you have selected "I'VE VERIFIED MY IMPORT" you will NOT be able to re-import your data. Please double-check that the data was imported properly.

Click "I'VE VERIFIED MY IMPORT" to continue.

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