Import Warnings & Errors from QuickBooks Desktop

Learn what causes these warnings and errors during the import process from QuickBooks Desktop and how to resolve.

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Import warnings and errors occur on data that was imported into HCP. When these occur you have 3 options:

  1. Wipe all imported data and clean it up in QuickBooks Desktop and then reimport. We cannot wipe imported data after you have started to use Housecall Pro, it can only be done during the QuickBooks Desktop setup.

  2. Dismiss all errors and clean up customer information in Housecall Pro. Updates to customer data in Housecall Pro will sync (or push) over to QuickBooks Desktop when a new job for that customer is finished, the invoice sent, or the job marked as paid.

  3. Fix all "Import Customer" errors in QuickBooks Desktop first. Next you'll want to Reprocess all "Import Customer" errors in Housecall Pro. Manually synch to ensure all customers made it over to Housecall Pro successfully after fixing in QuickBooks Desktop. Finally, Reprocess "Import Invoice" Errors that were tied to Customers issues.


Warning occur when not all of the data could be transferred into Housecall Pro and can only be dismissed. They cannot be reprocessed.

Typically warnings come from having missing data such as area codes, city, and/or state on a customer's profile.

You have three choices to resolve warnings:

  1. Wipe import and clean up in QuickBooks Desktop and reimport

  2. Dismiss all import warnings by submitting a request through the blue chat bubble

  3. Dismiss each import warning 1 by 1 after fixing the missing data in Housecall Pro.


Errors occur when the data import failed and that specific customer info did not transfer into Housecall Pro.

You have two options:

  1. If you don't need that customer and/or invoice in Housecall Pro: simply dismiss the error

  2. If you want this data in Housecall Pro: You want to first, fix all of the "Customer Import" errors in QuickBooks Desktop. Reprocess those errors in Housecall Pro and then manually synch through the web connector to make sure those fixed customers make it over to Housecall Pro. Second, Reprocess "Import Invoice" Errors that were tied to Customers issues.

This video tutorial will explain what we covered above with warnings and errors and how to resolve them.

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