What causes the error?

This error arises when you attempt to sync Housecall Pro and Quickbooks Desktop, but the web connector is unable to access your Quickbooks Desktop. This happens when the Housecall Pro application in the web connector (AKA QWC file) doesn't have permission to access your Quickbooks Desktop.

How do I resolve the error?

First, you will need to check a few settings from within Quickbooks Desktop. Navigate to Preferences and then Integrated Applications. Check for the following:

  1. “Don’t allow any applications to access this company file” should be unchecked as it will prevent the HCP application from communicating with QuickBooks Desktop.

  2. There should be a check mark under ALLOW ACCESS next to the HCPQBWebConnectorService in the list of applications.

  3. In the properties for the HCPQBWebConnectorService app, the “Allow this application to read and modify this company file” checkbox should be checked.

If all of these are set correctly, and you are still getting the error when you attempt to sync, you should then:

  1. Remove the application from your web connector. You do not need to uninstall the web connector just remove the Housecall Pro application from it.

  2. Remove the Housecall Pro application from the list of integrated applications in QBD

  3. Re-add the application to your web connector and retry syncing

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