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How to use multi-add view for your Visual Price Book
How to use multi-add view for your Visual Price Book
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If you are looking for a quicker way to add multiple items at once to your jobs and estimates then the multi-add view of your Visual Price Book is right for you.

To access:

Navigate to any job or estimate and click into either 'Services Price Book' or 'Materials Price Book' .

How to add multiple items:

You can head into the the services or materials you are looking to add. Once you locate those services or materials all you need to do is adjust the quantity either by manually typing it in, or using the '+'and '-' sign

To keep track of how many unique services or materials have been added, refer to the counter in the top right hand corner.

Once you're done adding all your items, just click the 'x' in the top right hand corner to continue viewing your job or estimate.

Important notes:

  • The multi-add view of this feature is only available on web at the current moment.

  • To remove an item you added, exit out of visual book and click the 'x' on the line item on the invoice or estimate

Be sure to click the 'Give Feedback' button at the bottom if you have any comments on this addition.

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