If you need a simple and efficient way of re-organizing your price book, you can use the bulk move tool.

This allows you to do the following actions:

  • Move up to 100 services and/or materials to an existing location in your price book

  • Move up to 100 services to the new 'Materials' section of your price book (Avoid this action if you have QB inventory items imported into your HCP account)

How to use the bulk move function

  1. Navigate to the services or materials you want to move and click on the 3 stacked dots on the far right hand side

2. Click the option called 'Move Location'

3. Select all the items you want to move and click 'Move Services' in the top right to confirm the new location

Pro Tip: If you click the checkbox on the top left, it will auto-select the entire page of services or materials you are currently viewing

If you are viewing materials, the process will be the same.

4. Select the final location by viewing your existing category options and then press 'Save' to confirm.

CRITICAL NOTE: If you are someone who has imported inventory items from Quickbooks Online or Desktop, you are not a good candidate for using the bulk move tool to move services into materials. Please avoid this action as it can sever the link of your inventory items.

If you are connected to Quickbooks and do NOT have inventory items you are okay to use this tool.

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