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Import Materials into your Price Book (CSV)
Import Materials into your Price Book (CSV)

How to import your list of materials or parts that you need to bring into your Housecall Pro Price Book

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Use this guide if your import page looks like this. If your page looks different, please follow this guide.

How to get Started?

  1. Head into your price book by clicking the 'Price Book' tab within your Dashboard navigation menu on the top left hand side of your Dashboard

  2. Once you are in your Price Book, click into the settings gear in the top right hand corner

  3. Click into 'Import price book materials' to get access to the import function

4. Download the Price Book Material Template and fill it out with your specific parts or materials

5. Once you have your .csv filled out, click on the upload button within the 'Price book file' section to upload. You will receive an email from Housecall Pro when your upload is completed and ready to view in your Price Book Materials section.

Note: If there is any incorrect formatting we will email you with a copy of your .csv and any rows we were not able to format. For additional assistance formatting please email

Break down of the material import fields:






This is the top level category that a material or your material sub-categories live underneath. This is required.



The levels of categories a material lives within your top level category. This allows you to nest and create further categorization.



This is the name of your material or part.



Description of the material or part.



The amount that would be charged to the customer. Use the standard format of $0.00.

Note: If you use flat rate pricing and material mark ups within Housecall Pro, we will calculate this for you based off (cost * mark up tier) automatically for you.



The amount that this material or part costs your company. This will be used to calculate price if this is a material mark up enabled part. Use the standard format of $0.00.


False (defaults to false)

Whether tax should apply to this service when added to a job.


False (defaults to each)

The unit of measure for a single unit of this item. (ex. each, square foot, gallon)

Material mark up enabled

False (only applicable if you have enabled flat rate pricing)

This will automatically calculate price for your materials imported when true. We will calculate your cost field* material mark up tier.

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