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Import Services into your Price Book (CSV)
Import Services into your Price Book (CSV)

Import your Price Book and understand the fields that can be imported

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Use this guide if your import page looks like this. If your page looks different, please follow this guide.

Price books can be imported via CSV using our Price Book template. Below are fields that can be imported using the template:






The industry that a service lives in. The name of this category must match the name of one of the industries in HCP to be imported.



The top-level category that a service lives underneath. All services must have a category within an industry



The levels of categories a service lives in underneath the top-level category



Name for a service.



Description of the work included in a service.



Housecall Pro generated ID for a service. This will only be present when importing a list that was previously exported from Housecall Pro.


false (defaults to $0)

The amount that will be charged to the customer for performing the service. Use the standard format of $0.00.


false (defaults to $0)

The amount that it cost your company to perform their service. This will be used to calculate profit on jobs. Use the standard format of $0.00.


false (defaults to false)

Whether tax should apply to this service when added to a job.


false (defaults to each)

The unit of measure for a single unit of this item. (ex. each, square foot, gallon)

How to import your Price Book

Step 1. From your web portal main dashboard, click “Price Book” from the top main navigation.

Step 2. Click the settings button in the top right corner of the page:

From the drop-down options, choose “import Price List”.

Step 3. Click “INDUSTRY” on the top right corner to create a Price Book for a set of services you offer.

Step 4. From here, you’ll need to click the blue text "CSV template file" to download a template first.

You should be able to access your downloaded CSV template file in your download folder.

Fill out the CSV file with the category, name, description, amount, cost, taxable, and unit of measure of your service items.

Then click the blue “NEXT” button to get to the next step.

Step 5. When you have the downloaded CSV template filled out with your Price List information, save the CSV file.

Upload your CSV file in the upload section and click the blue “IMPORT” button.

The uploading process may take a few minutes, and you will receive a notification in your email once the process has been completed.

Step 6. You can now access your Price Book by navigating through the Price Book panel on the left.

Importing your Price Book by industry

Step 1. Select your industry from the drop-down list and upload an image to help your techs better visualize and identify this Price Book.

Step 2. After creating your industry, click the industry, and look for the option labeled “Import my Price List from a file”.

Then follow steps 4-6 from the above section.

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