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How to Add, Edit and Delete Price Book Materials
How to Add, Edit and Delete Price Book Materials

Learn more about the materials section of your price book. This will be part of the set up for flat rate pricing.

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Getting Started

  • After clicking into the Price Book master tab on the top left hand corner of your Dashboard you will now see the Materials tab

  • To get started click + Category to begin setting up your materials, you will be able to nest these categories as you can for services

Pro Tip: If you are a multi-industry Pro, you can base off your material categories by the industries you serve. Ex. "Plumbing Materials" category

How to Edit

Editing your Material Category or Sub-category

  • Click on the pencil icon on the top right hand category of the category name you would like to change to edit the name of the category or edit the image in your Visual Price Book.

Editing a Specific Material

  • Click the 3 stacked dots of the item you are looking to edit.

  • Click Edit on the menu box to begin editing your material item.

How to Move

  • To move a category or sub-category of materials to another category, click the 3 stacked dots to the right of the material and then click move location

  • Select the materials that you want to move with the checkboxes to the left. Select the checkbox at the top to select all materials on that page

  • Select the category or sub-category you want to move the item(s) to

  • You will get a confirmation in the lower left that the item(s) have been moved with a link to see them in the new location

How to Delete

  • To delete a category or sub-category, click the 3 stacked dots and then click delete.

  • You will then get a prompt to confirm that you do wish to delete that specific material category or item.

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