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Setting Up Customer Intake
Setting Up Customer Intake

Customer Intake is fully configurable, allowing you to create the best process for your business.

Written by Katie Hickey
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You can customize your Reminders, FAQs and Request Guide in the Customer Intake section of Account Settings.


Reminders will show up on each of the three pages on the Customer Intake form - Request, Schedule, and Contact.

Each Reminder includes a Title and a Note. They will display at the top of each page in the Customer Intake form, and you can add multiple reminders per page.

Reminders that are helpful to include: Scheduling specifics, fees, services you don't offer, and wait times on materials.


The FAQ section is always available on the left side of the Customer Intake form, regardless of which page you are on.

Each FAQ includes a Question and an Answer. When you are using the Customer Intake form, the FAQs are searchable, so you can include as many as you want and still easily find the right one.

FAQs that are helpful to include: Warranty terms, discounts offered, company information, and forms of payment accepted.

Request Guide

The Request Guide is the core of Customer Intake. It is a dynamic and highly customizable form that will show up on the Request step.

Your account will come preconfigured with a set of default questions to help you get started, but you can tailor them to the specifics of your business or delete the default questions and start from scratch.

The Request Guide includes Questions and in-line Reminders.

Question Types

You can choose from three question types - Single Choice, Multiple Choice or Open Text.

  • Single Choice - only one response can be selected

  • Multiple Choice - multiple responses can be selected

  • Open Text - the response can be entered as freeform text

Question Branching

You can add branching questions to any Single Choice question in your Request Guide.

This allows you to choose the next question displayed based on the answer to the previous question. For example, if a customer is looking for an Install versus a Repair, you can choose a different line of questions for each response.


In addition to the Reminders you configure for each page in Customer Intake, you can also add reminders within the Request Guide itself. This is particularly helpful if you are using the Request Guide to create a guided script.

You can add in-line Reminders in three ways:

  • Before or after questions

  • As a part of a question

  • As a branch off of a question (ex: if you selected ‘repair’ as the response to a question, you want to include a reminder that all repairs include a service charge)

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