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Create your Pipeline Customer Intake Flow
Create your Pipeline Customer Intake Flow

Customize your Customer Intake Request Guide to streamline your intake process for jobs, estimates, and leads.

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Setting up your Pipeline Customer Intake Flow

Before setting up your Pipeline customer intake flow, you'll first want to complete your Customer Intake onboarding to confirm the industries and services that you offer.

When it comes to setting up your Pipeline customer intake flow, there are three main components that you can implement in your process. These will show on the left-hand settings bar under the heading Customer Intake.

Customer Intake Reminders:

On the left side, in settings, under Customer Intake, you will see Reminders as the first option. Clicking here is where you will add anything you want to ensure your employees are mentioning to the customers, such as verifying their contact number or any questions that are necessary to know before booking the job. You can select the reminder to pop up either during the request steps, while scheduling, or while gathering customer contact information.
Once you click into this option, you will see a button +REMINDER at the bottom of the page, giving you the option to add a new reminder. A pop-up will appear to the far right, for you to add the title and description (note) of the reminder.

Customer intake FAQ:

On the left side, in settings, under Customer Intake, you will see FAQ as the second option. This will be where you can build out commonly asked customer questions with answers. This is a great tool to have when onboarding a new customer service representative for your company- they are able to navigate through the FAQ section to answer questions without needing to consult before providing the customer with a response.
To add a new FAQ click +QUESTION on the FAQ page. A pop-up will appear to the far right, where you will enter both the question and its answer, for employees to be able to correctly respond.

Customer Intake Request Guide:

On the left side, in settings, under Customer Intake, you will see Request Guide as the last option. You are going to place any questions that you want to make sure your staff is gathering from customers. You can choose whether the questions are single choice, multiple choice or even full text answers! You can edit any of the pre-populated questions or delete them if it is not something that fits your business model.

If you click the three dots next to each question, you will see the option to either edit the question, move it, delete it or add a branch. Adding a branch to the questions will allow you to create an almost living document that will change based on the answers that selected. (i.e. If this answer is selected, then this question will be asked next.)
To create new questions, you will select the +QUESTION button in the center of the screen and a pop-up will appear for you to enter the information. You will select what type of response you are looking for (yes/no, full text, etc.)

Adding Branches to questions in the Request Guide

What happens to the information I collect during Customer Intake?

After completing your customer intake, the information you gather from the Request Guide will be included on the new lead, job, or estimate.

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