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Customer Intake Onboarding
Written by Katie Hickey
Updated over a week ago

The first time you go to Account Settings then Customer Intake Flow, you will be prompted to go through onboarding.

Step 1: Confirm Industries

Your industry will be pre-populated in the first step, but you can add additional industries at this point if you want by clicking + INDUSTRY.

Step 2: Confirm Services

For each industry you have enabled, select which service you offer. Toggle any services you don't offer OFF by clicking on the blue toggle so that it turns gray and moves to the left.

You can also add any additional services by clicking + SERVICE TYPE.

Step 3: Customize Your Request Guide, Reminders, and FAQs

You will have your Customer Intake request guide pre-populated with some common questions that most pros ask, but you can fully customize it as well.

Learn more on how to do this in Setting up Customer Intake

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