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Pipeline Board Customization
Pipeline Board Customization

How to modify Pipeline columns to fit your workflow

Written by Katie Hickey
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You can add or remove columns from the Pipeline Leads, Estimates, or Jobs boards from a set of commonly used options in order to customize it to better fit your workflow.

  1. Navigate to Customize Boards
    Click "Customize boards" to access the customization options.

  2. Select which board you want to customize: Leads, Estimates, or Jobs.

  3. From the expanded list of column options, toggle the ones you want to make visible or hidden.

    1. Special Scenarios:

      1. Some statuses are required and cannot be turned off, indicated by a lock icon.

        Some statuses are required and cannot be turned off, indicated by a lock icon.
      2. If you want to turn off a status that is currently on, but it says: "You must first remove any estimates or automations related to it by moving them to a different column":

        1. Go to the board with the column and move any cards out of that column.

        2. Make sure any automations that contain that column name are turned off.

  4. Once you have finished making your changes, click "Go to board" to view the updated board.

Setting Up Custom Columns

Custom Columns

Adding a custom column

Add a custom column by clicking the Add Column button and selecting where you want it to go along with a name for the column.
Note: This will also create a status in the column with the same name as the column.

Updating or deleting a custom column:

Click the three dots in the column to edit or delete the column.

Custom Statuses within a Column

Adding a custom status

At the bottom of a column, click +ADD STATUS to add another status within that same column.

Updating or deleting a custom status

Click Edit Status to rename or delete a custom status.

Moving custom columns and statuses

Move custom columns and statuses by clicking the move icon and dragging and dropping to the desired place.

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