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Frequently Asked Questions

Pipeline Boards

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How do I provide feedback?

Pipeline Boards

What can I see in Pipeline Mobile?

Pipeline Mobile brings your lead, estimates, and jobs boards to you wherever you are! You can view all boards just as you can on the web portal.

Am I able to view my archived items on mobile?

At this time, archived items are only visible on the web portal. If you'd like to see an archived job or estimate, you can visit Pipeline on web from your mobile browser or your computer.

Why can't my field techs see the Pipeline board in their app?

Currently the Pipeline board is only available for Admins and Office staff. If you would like your field techs to have access, please be sure to provide your feedback through the Blue Chat Bubble with a Pro Vote!

How do I access Pipeline Mobile?

You can find directions for accessing Pipeline here.

How do I update leads, jobs, and estimates on mobile?

Similar to the web version, you can drag or use the drop down menu to update a status on Pipeline. To drag, hold your finger on the card you'd like to move, then drag along the screen until you reach the appropriate column.

To use the drop down option, click on the drop down menu, then choose the correct status. You should see the card move to the corresponding column.

How do I create a lead on mobile?

There are two options for creating a lead on Pipeline Mobile. First, you can click on the + at the top of the Pipeline menu, then choose New Lead. This will navigate you to the create a new lead page.

Additionally, you can click the + sign on the leads board. This will navigate you directly to the create a new lead page.

You can find more detailed directions with images to walk you through here.

Pipeline Settings

Can I update my automation settings on mobile?

Currently automation settings can only be accessed on the website.

Can I personalize my columns and statuses on mobile?

You can customize your columns and statuses via the web portal at this time. The Pipeline settings are not available on the mobile app.


I'm having issues with the Pipeline on my mobile device, what do I do?

Please make sure you are using the most recent version of the Housecall Pro mobile app (turn on auto-updates to get new versions pushed to your phone). If you are on the latest version and still having issues, please chat into customer support with specific details on the issues you are having.

How do I provide feedback?

If you have feedback for other features you'd like to see on Pipeline Mobile, please chat into the blue bubble and ask to submit a "Pro Vote". Additionally, you can click the Give Feedback button on the main Pipeline menu.

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