Can I create or edit Service Plans we offer from the mobile app?

  • No, these tasks can only be completed through the web portal.

How do I add a Service Plan to a customer from the mobile app?

  • On the mobile app this is done from the payment screen on any given job. Once on this screen you will see a + Service Plan option that will allow the tech to follow the same steps used to Add a Service Plan to a Customer. NOTE: The technician must be allowed to See Prices/Take Payments in their employee profile in order to use this function.

Does a customer have to have an email address to buy a Service Plan?

  • Yes. At checkout there is a prompt to confirm the email address of the customer even if they have one on their customer profile already. They will be sent a confirmation of their new plan to the email address.

If the customer pays by credit card, will this card become the one on file for them?

  • Yes. If a customer pays by credit card this card will be charged for any future payments of this plan on the predetermined billing cycle.

Can a customer pay by cash/check/other on the mobile app?

  • Yes, provided that this plan has been created with the ability to be paid by cash/check/other. NOTE: If you accept cash, check, or other forms of payment and do not collect for the full price of the plan upfront, it will be up to you to collect on payments when they are due. You will see these plans in the Due for Billing section of your Service Plans Dashboard when they are due. Because of this, it is recommended that if you are not collecting for the full price of any given plan upfront that the customer should pay by credit card.

Can a plan date be set in the past from the mobile app?

  • No, this is only possible from the web portal. If the current visit is the first of this plan you may connect the invoice to the plan by tapping the check box on the Schedule step of adding the plan to mark 'This is the first visit'.

Can I view a customer's plan details from the mobile app?

  • Partially, the full details are only viewable from the web portal. Under the customer's profile on mobile you can see plan names and the plan dates when you tap on the address.

For more information about Service Plans please see Service Plans FAQs.

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