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Mobile Check Deposit FAQ
Mobile Check Deposit FAQ

Comprehensive overview of Mobile Check Deposit and FAQs

Written by Shane Dixon
Updated over a week ago

This feature is currently only available to beta testers.

How does Mobile Check Deposit work?

There are 4 simple steps to using Mobile Check Deposit:

  1. Tap the “Check” option when selecting a payment method.

  2. Verify the amount owed for the job

  3. Take a picture of the front and back of the check in the app.

  4. Submit it for review.

After the check has been reviewed and cleared the funds will be sent to your HCP Money account.

Keep in mind, you can use mobile deposits to fund your Expense Cards or transfer deposits to your business bank account.

How do I prepare the check for a mobile deposit?

To properly prepare the check you’ll want to make sure the following information is presented clearly:

  • Ensure the front of the check is signed by the customer

  • The date and check amount are accurate

  • The endorsement on the back of the check includes the company name, employee signature, and “For Mobile Check Deposit only”

How can I use money from check deposits?

You can transfer money from check deposits to your business bank account using the 'Transactions' page on My Money or if you’re enrolled in Expense Cards, use it to fund your Expense Cards account.

What happens if a check bounces?

If a check bounces the amount owed will not be deposited into your account. We recommend contacting the customer to collect payment with a different method (credit/debit card, cash, etc.)

What happens when a customer disputes the charge?

If a customer disputes a check, the funds will be returned to the customer’s account. If your account can’t cover the return then you will be responsible for the negative balance on the account. Please note, not all disputes will result in the funds being returned to the customer’s account.

Can I use an iPad or tablet?

Yes, Mobile Check Deposit is available on iPad and tablets.

What happens if a check deposit is rejected after it was submitted?

If a check is unable to be deposited due to insufficient funds or the quality of the check images you will receive an email notifying you that the check failed. The job will be updated as unpaid and you will need to collect a new payment for your invoice.

Are there any limits to the check deposits?

Yes, depending on your history with Housecall Pro there are limits on the number of checks you can deposit and the dollar amount of checks you can deposit. These limits will be updated as your transaction history increases with us.

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