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Instapay FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Instapay

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How much does Instapay cost?

Your card processing fee + 1% 

How can I be eligible to use Instapay?

You will need to have a bank account added and identity verified to be eligible to activate Instapay. You will also need to have received at least 1 credit card transaction through Housecall Pro to ensure you're in good standing with our payment processor.

If you meet these qualifications and don't see Instapay as an option, chat in.

Why do you need my debit card? You already have my bank account.

Banking technology is old. Standard card processing time uses ACH technology and has a minimum transit time of 2 business days to deposit money into your bank. Debit cards rely on more modern technology that allows us to pay out and deposit money within minutes.

When I tried to enter my debit card, I got an error saying my bank doesn’t support Instapay?

Not all banks participate in Instapay. Your debit card must be issued by a participating bank in order to be eligible.

Why do I need to re-verify my identity? Don’t you already have my SSN and photo ID?

We’ve added this additional layer of security to keep you safe from fraud. We cannot re-use the information you enter previously because as soon as you submit the form, that data is encrypted and we cannot access it.

Can I use Instapay on weekends and holidays and still receive my payout?

Yes, you can use Instapay on weekends and holidays. 

Why are some of my transactions available for Instapay and others aren't?

There is a $50,000 per transaction limit and $100,000 per day limit for Instapay. 

Is there a transaction minimum?

Although there is no minimum, if a transaction amount is less than $75, there will be an additional $0.75 charge to process.  

My payouts screen shows an Instapay payment failed, what do I do?

You will need to contact your bank to find out why this issue occurred or navigate to your My Money page, and update the debit card you have on file to receive payouts. Please let us know once the bank account issues have been resolved so we can attempt to send this payment again. 

Please note: All charges are subject to review. 

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Having trouble finding what you need?

Use the blue bubble to reach out to our chat team for live customer support. If you’d prefer to talk it out over the phone, call our support number at 858-842-5746.

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