Credit card processing:

Housecall Pro offers credit card processing through Stripe - the industry leader for processing payments that uses bank level security. 

All cards processed through Housecall Pro and Stripe are encrypted on disk with AES-256. The decryption keys are stored on a separate device. This means that as soon as a customer's card is scanned using the Housecall Pro mobile app or input into the Housecall Pro web portal, it is secured and unretrievable by the user.

Standard Processing:

Our standard credit card processing rate is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction**, and applies to payments taken in the following ways:

  • Manually enter in the card number on the Housecall Pro app, OR click 'Scan Card' to use your phone's camera to scan the numbers and input your customer's card information automatically.
  • Manually key-in or enter the card information on the web portal. 
  • Send your customer an email containing their invoice to pay online - make sure to turn on the 'Pay Online' option in the invoice settings before sending.
  • Text your customer their invoice, with a link to pay online with a credit card. 

Standard processing time for credit card payouts: 2 business days

  • Note: If you are processing your first payout, it may take up to 5-7 business days for the deposit to reach your account


We also offer Instapay, which allows you receive credit card payments in 30 minutes, for an additional 1% fee.

**NOTE: Rates may vary based on plan - contact us via the blue chat bubble if you have questions or would like more information

Bluetooth Card Readers:

Housecall Pro also has Bluetooth card readers available for purchase - which offer a reduced processing fee of 2.69% per transaction (flat rate) when used to take a credit card payment. 

  • Accepts all banks/card types and supports magnetic stripe, chip (EMV), and contactless cards, as well as Apple / Android Pay
  • Learn more about Card Readers by clicking here

ACH payments:

ACH is an electronic network used to transfer funds from one bank account to another without using paper checks, credit card networks, wire transfers, or cash. You can accept ACH payments in a few different ways:

  1. You can send your customer an email containing their invoice, with a link to pay online through their bank account.
  2. You can text your customer their invoice, with a link to pay online through their bank account.

Standard fee for processing ACH: 1% per transaction

Processing time for ACH: 7-10 business days

This feature is currently only available for businesses based in the U.S. To learn more about ACH payments, click here.

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