M2 Reader Setup and Use
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Part 1: Card Reader - Setup and Use (Updated for the M2 Reader)

Card Reader - Setup and Use

Follow these simple steps to setup and use your card reader in the field.

When you first receive your card reader:

  1. Fully charge your card reader

  2. Verify your card reader’s firmware is updated by taking steps 1 - 4 in the next section “How to take payment in the field”.

    • After step 4, once your reader connects, it will automatically start a firmware update, if needed.

    • This should take between two and ten minutes to complete.

    • Once the reader has connected and updated (if needed), and prompts you to run the card, you can then cancel the transaction.

Do NOT connect your reader through your phone’s bluetooth settings.

How to take payment in the field:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the reader. You will see the first LED light turn on, indicating the reader is ready for payment.

  2. Tap the Pay button on the invoice detail page.

  3. Select ‘credit card’ as payment type.

  4. Tap the Card Reader button. The system will immediately begin to search for the card reader. When prompted, please click `Pair`

Note: Do NOT connect the card reader through the phone’s bluetooth settings, instead please connect through your HCP app.

Run the Card: You will then be prompted to swipe, insert, or tap the card using the reader.

  • If your customer would like to pay using a phone app (i.e. Apple Pay, Chase Pay, etc.), have them hold their phone close to the reader and their payment app should pop up and allow them to proceed with that payment method.

  • If you’ve inserted the card to the reader, wait to remove the card until the app prompts you to do so.

Tipping: If you have credit card tipping enabled, you will need to have your customer input the tip amount prior to running the card so the system can charge the card for the total amount being paid. Your customer will then sign to confirm the amount being charged.

Once payment is complete, you will see the green Payment Complete screen confirming!

If you have any further questions or are experiencing any issues with a payment going through, please chat in through the blue bubble and we can help troubleshoot!

Additionally, you can read our FAQ article for common error messages you may see.

*Please note, the card reader is only available in the US. It is not available to our Canadian pros.

Part 2: Card Reader - What do the lights mean?

Know what the different lights on your card reader mean.

Whenever your bluetooth card reader is turned on, the LED lights located on the top of the reader show the reader's current status.

Status Lights

Whenever the M2 Card Reader is turned on, the LED lights located on the top of the reader show the reader’s current status.




The reader is off

First LED ON

Ready for payment

LEDs ON in consecutive order

Reading card information

4 LEDs ON + “BEEP”

Card read successful

First LED flashing

Reader is in standby mode

Battery Lights

Part 3: Card Reader - How to Troubleshoot

If you've accidentally connected your card reader through your device's bluetooth settings, follow these instructions to resolve.

The only way you will ever need to connect your card reader to your phone is by clicking ‘Pay’, ‘Use Card Reader’ and then ‘Pair’ when taking payment on an invoice in the Housecall Pro mobile app.

You DO NOT need to connect the readers using your phone’s bluetooth settings.

Make sure anyone in your company using a card reader knows to never connect them through the device’s bluetooth settings to avoid any issues.

If you've accidentally connected through your device’s bluetooth settings, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

First, go to your mobile device’s bluetooth settings:

  • In the list of paired bluetooth devices, locate the reader you've paired with

  • Tap the [i], located within the same line to the right

  • Tap 'Forget This Device'

  • And again, tap 'Forget This Device' in the pop up at the bottom of the screen

Now, open the Housecall Pro app:

Click into any invoice

  • Tap 'Pay'

  • Tap 'Credit card'

  • Tap 'Use Card Reader'

  • Tap ‘Pair’

  • Wait for the reader to connect

NOTE: It may take up to 30 seconds for the reader to connect

  • Once the reader has connected and prompts you to run the card, you can then cancel the transaction (unless you really need to take payment)

If you are still having issues setting up your Card Reader for iOS devices, you can check in your device settings and locate the Housecall Pro app, and verify the Bluetooth toggle switch is showing enabled in green, and then try using your card reader again.

You should be good to go after completing the steps above! Any time you connect a reader after that, the app should find the card reader almost immediately.

If for some reason that does not resolve the issue, please chat in and we’ll assist you further.

Part 4: Card Reader FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the Housecall Pro card readers.

How do I get my own card reader?

  • If you’d like your own Housecall Pro card reader, Please visit your My Money page within your account to place your order.

Does the card reader work with iPads?

  • Yes! The card readers are iOS compatible.

Can I use a reader with my Android or Android Tablet?

  • Yes! Card readers can be used with Android devices.

I live in Canada, will I be able to use the card reader?

  • Card readers are not currently available in Canada.

Can I use one card reader with my iPhone/iPad and Android device?

  • Yep! The card reader will work the exact same way with iOS and Android devices.

How long will the card reader battery last?

  • Out of the box, we recommend fully charging your card reader before you use it in the field. When fully charged, the card reader should last at least a thousand swipes/chip reads. The reader automatically shuts itself off after a few idle minutes. That being said, we do still suggest charging them often to ensure the battery is full and good to go. Better safe than sorry!

I purchased a BBPOS or M2 card reader from a different company, can I use it with Housecall Pro?

  • Currently, only card readers purchased through Housecall Pro can be used with our app.

Where's the card reader button?

  • Please chat in if you're not seeing the 'Use Card Reader' button shown in the mobile app. Our support team will take care of you right away!

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