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How do I run a credit card charge with the card reader?
How do I run a credit card charge with the card reader?

Using your bluetooth reader to take payment in the field

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Using our card reader is fast and simple. There are many benefits including an enhanced customer experience and ease of mind knowing their account information is secure. You will also be protected from disputes reported as fraudulent activity.

To begin taking payment in the field, click on the Pay button as you would with any payment. Choose Credit Card as the payment type.

From here, you will see an option to use the card reader to run a credit card. 

Once you click on Use Card Reader, the system will begin searching for your bluetooth card reader.
*Note: Please make sure your card reader is turned on and near your phone so the system can locate it.

Once you are connected to the card reader, you will be prompted to insert or swipe the card. If your customer has a payment app on their phone they would like to use (Apple Pay, Chase Pay, etc), have them hold their phone close to the reader and that payment app should pop up for them to pay using that method. 

If the payment is successful, you should see a green screen letting you know the payment is complete and the invoice will now be marked as paid.

If you have any further questions or are experiencing any issues with a payment going through, please chat in through the blue bubble and we can help troubleshoot! Additionally, you can read our FAQ article for common error messages you may see. 

*Please note, the card reader is only available in the US. It is not available to our Canadian pros.

Learn how Instapay can have your credit card payment in hand in less than 30 minutes.

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