Card Reader FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the Housecall Pro card readers.

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How do I get my own card reader? 

  • If you’d like your own Housecall Pro card reader, Please visit your My Money page within your account to place your order.

Does the card reader work with iPads? 

  • Yes! The card readers are iOS compatible.

Can I use a reader with my Android or Android Tablet? 

  • Yes! Card readers can be used with Android devices. 

I live in Canada, will I be able to use the card reader?

  • Card readers are not currently available in Canada.

Can I use one card reader with my iPhone/iPad and Android device? 

  • Yep! The card reader will work the exact same way with iOS and Android devices.

How long will the card reader battery last?

  • Out of the box, the card reader should last at least a thousand swipes/chip reads. The reader automatically shuts itself off after a few idle minutes. That being said, we do still suggest charging them often to ensure the battery is full and good to go. Better safe than sorry!  

I purchased a BBPOS card reader from a different company, can I use it with Housecall Pro?

  • Currently, only card readers purchased through Housecall Pro can be used with our app.

How can I view the payment afterwards?

  • Click into My Money and navigate to the left of the credit card button.

  • Open up transactions to view card reader payments

What payment methods work with the card reader? 

  • Apple Pay 

  • Android Pay

  • Samsung Pay

  • VISA Paywave

  • MasterCard PayPass

  • AMEX ExpressPay

  • Discover D-PAS

Where's the card reader button?

  • Please chat in if you're not seeing the 'Use Card Reader' button shown in the picture below. Our support team will take care of you right away! 

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