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Card Reader - How to Troubleshoot
Card Reader - How to Troubleshoot

If you've accidentally connected your card reader through your device's bluetooth settings, follow these instructions to resolve.

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The only way you will ever need to connect your card reader to your phone is by clicking ‘Pay’ and ‘Use Card Reader’ when taking payment on an invoice in the Housecall Pro mobile app. 

You DO NOT need to connect the readers using your phone’s bluetooth settings.

Make sure anyone in your company using a card reader knows to never connect them through the device’s bluetooth settings to avoid any issues. 

If you've accidentally connected through your device’s bluetooth settings, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

First, go to your mobile device’s bluetooth settings:

  • In the list of paired bluetooth devices, locate the reader you've paired with

  • Tap the [i], located within the same line to the right 

  • Tap 'Forget This Device

  • And again, tap 'Forget This Device' in the pop up at the bottom of the screen 

Now, open the Housecall Pro app:

  • Click into any invoice 

  • Tap 'Pay

  • Tap 'Credit card'

  • Tap 'Use Card Reader

  • Wait for the reader to connect  

         NOTE: It may take up to 30 seconds for the reader to connect

  • Once the reader has connected and prompts you to run the card, you can then cancel the transaction (unless you really need to take payment) 

If you are still having issues setting up your Card Reader for iOS devices, you can check in your device settings and locate the Housecall Pro app, and verify the Bluetooth toggle switch is showing enabled in green, and then try using your card reader again. (screenshots below)

You should be good to go after completing the steps above! Any time you connect a reader after that, the app should find the card reader almost immediately. 

If for some reason that does not resolve the issue, please chat in and we’ll assist you further. 

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