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Connecting Housecall Pro and measureQuick®
Connecting Housecall Pro and measureQuick®

How to connect Housecall Pro to measureQuick and what the integration does.

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measureQuick® is the one and only multi-brand wireless tool platform that can stream data, run diagnostics, and walk your dog at the same time (j/k, but it’s on their roadmap).

It’s a comprehensive application that: collects measurements, aggregates data, diagnoses faults, analyzes and educates HVAC technicians, improves quality of work and eliminates unnecessary callbacks.

Now, easily sync your Housecall Pro jobs with your measureQuick reports.

Connecting the Integration:

Office staff will need to access the measureQuick admin portal for three things:

  1. Add users to company

  2. Set up Billing

  3. Connect measureQuick to Housecall Pro

1. Adding Users to your company

Login to measureQuick Virtuoso. This is the admin portal that the office staff will work out of. Keep in mind that you will use the same login credentials for both this admin portal as well as the measureQuick app.

On the left panel, click Users. This is where you will manage and add office staff.

2. Set up Billing

On the panel located on the left side of the screen, click Company, then click Billing. This is where you will add and manage your QBits. QBits are the credits needed to run each test. You can manually add QBits, or you can set up an autoload function. This will automatically autoload your measureQuick QBits when your balance hits zero.

Note that anyone added to the user section in the measureQuick Panel will have access to the Billing section and will be able to add QBits.

3. Connect measureQuick to Housecall Pro

Login to Housecall Pro and navigate to the app store

housecall pro app store

Navigate to the measureQuick app card under "Operations" and click "Get"

Select "Enable measureQuick"

Login to measureQuick and select "Connect with Housecall Pro"

You will be asked to Authorize measureQuick and login to your Housecall Pro account:

You are now connected.

Lastly, select which job statuses you'd like your technicians to generate reports for and assign your Housecall Pro employees to your measureQuick users:

Click save, and you're all set!

*NOTE: Only jobs created after the integration is enabled will have the new measureQuick integration available. If the button is missing, delete the job and create a new one after turning on the integration.

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