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How can I block off time for an employee on the calendar?
How can I block off time for an employee on the calendar?

Events, Vacation, Appointments, PTO, etc.

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How to create an event

Mark employee vacation time, appointments, meetings, PTO, or other events, in your company calendar.

Video tutorials:

  1. Create an event from the calendar

  2. Create an event by manually entering date and time

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Click the blue [+ NEW] button in the navigation bar

2. Select 'Event' in the drop down menu

3. Input the event name (optional)
4. Start typing the address or name of the location and select from the drop down menu (this pulls directly from Google Maps) (optional)

5. Select the time and date(s) manually using the date/time picker as well as employee(s) associated with the event OR click on the 'pencil' icon to pick the event date and time using the calendar.

6. Once finished, click 'Save'

7. Finally, click 'Save Event' once you think you have entered all the necessary details

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