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Track and report on line item sales by employee

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Pros using Commissions can now track who sold jobs or equipment from the job page. By assigning employees to services and material line items, you will be able to report on your tech and employee performance.

Getting started

In order to report and track which employees are associated with each sale, you'll need to update line items on the job with the correct employee. To turn on this feature you will first need to head to your job details settings page.

Click into the settings icon at the top of your navigation bar, and then click into Job details.

From there, select the Commissions page on the left navigation menu, and turn on the commissions setting.

Tracking on the job

Once Commissions is turned on, you will see a new input on each service or material within the job detail page.

Employees can be attached to both services and material items within the job details pages. You can go back and edit this field after the job is complete.

Running the report

Your On job sales by employee report will live under your employee reports on your jobs report page. Click into the report tab in your top navigation bar, and then open up your job reports. You should now see the On job sales report under your tech leaderboard.

Click into the report to view the total amount of sales associated with each employee over time.

Click into any row in the report to view of list of line items sold.

Total Sales: The sum of all line items that have been assigned to the particular employee.

Average Sale: Total Sales Value divided by total number of sales

Sales Count: number of line items that the employee was attached to.

Job Count: number of jobs that the employee was dispatched to.

Jobs with sale: number of jobs that the employee sold at least one line item on.

Conversion rate: % of jobs that the employee sold at least one line item out of all jobs dispatched to.

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