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Once you enable commissions for your Organization, you can start assigning employees to line items to track their performance over time. This page describes how.


  1. You have commissions enabled and set up

  2. You have at least one employee in Settings » Employees

  3. You commission off of jobs (commissions don't work for estimates yet)

Creating a job

When you create a new job, each employee you dispatch to that job will be automatically commissioned for every line item you create.

In the example below, we dispatch Paul MacStaging to a job with two line items.

Note that one is a Service item and the other is in the Materials section. Commissions work for both.

When you save this job, Paul is automatically assigned to each line item. You can confirm this by locating the Commissions section below each line item (highlighted in blue on the picture below).

Managing line item commissions

In an example situation where you don't run commissions off of materials, you can click the gray ✖︎ symbol next to PM circle to remove Paul.

One line item can also be commissioned to more than one person. In such a case, click the gray plus button to open the list of all your employees and click the one you want to add.

Resulting in two avatars showing up for this line item.

Commissions summary on the job

As you add and remove employees from the line items, the content of the commissions box at the bottom of the page is constantly updated to reflect your changes.

  • It lists employees with at least one line item assigned

  • Commissionable column shows the grand total of the line items where that employee is assigned

  • Rate is each employee's commission rate set in their profile

  • And the Amount column is the result of the commission calculations

Whatever the Amount is, you can always overwrite it with your own value. Just place your cursor in the gray box and enter any value – like in the example below for Oliwia.

As you can see, Commissionable and Rate columns become grayed out to indicate that they are no longer relevant for Oliwia. A small arrow next to your new value allows you to undo changes and get back to the previously calculated value.

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