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The Sales Leaderboard on your main Dashboard is one of our pre-set visual cards to show which employee has had the highest overall revenue assigned to them all time. 



How is this calculated?
Both the number of jobs and dollar amount tied to those jobs is based on a job in the system being marked as finished.

What if there are multiple employees assigned to the job?
The entire dollar amount of the job will allocated to each of the employees assigned to the job. All employees will get credit for the job counting towards the all time number of jobs they have been on. 

If an employee no longer works for us will they still appear?
Since this dashboard is all time it will show both active and removed employees. 

Can this be customized?
Since this is a pre-set all time visual, you are unable to customize this report, however, you can get this same data and customize by employee or date range or tags by Creating a Jobs Report.

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