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Sales leaderboard card upgrade (March 2024)
Sales leaderboard card upgrade (March 2024)
Written by James Nichols
Updated over a week ago

The feature will be migrated in March 2024

What is the legacy sales leaderboard card?

The current sales leaderboard card displays the total invoice amount and job count by assigned employee for jobs created, scheduled or completed for all time. When multiple employees are assigned a job, each employee gets full credit for that job.

What’s changing?

The sales leaderboard card will be replaced with an upgraded report using our new reporting infrastructure:

What jobs are included in the card?

All jobs completed in the last 45 days that had at least one employee assigned will appear in the card..

How is job revenue calculated?

Job revenue is calculated as the sum of the invoice amount, less taxes and tips. As a reminder, by default the card is set to only show completed jobs.

What if two employees are assigned to the same job?

When two employees are assigned to the same job, each employee will get full credit for the job. If you’d like to adjust this, you can (1) start tracking employee sales using our Sold by employee feature or (2) drill down and filter out helper employees from the report and save it (see details above in how to use the card).

Can I customize the filters and card settings?

Yes. Follow the instructions here to customize the report and save the settings back to your dashboard.

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