Credit card processing fee reports are easy to create and important for your records come tax season! While you can view your credit card processing fees in the 'My Money' tab, you'll need to run a report through the 'Jobs' report. 

  1. On your Dashboard, click SEE REPORT from the $Paid Invoices card. You may need to scroll down to see it.

2. Click the 'Export data to Excel' (notebook with 'X') icon

  • If you'd like to filter for a specific time frame, make the necessary adjustments by clicking the date filter to the left of 'Table Columns' and click the green 'Save' button

NOTE: The credit card processing fees will not appear on the report within Housecall Pro, they will only be visible on the report once exported

3. In the 'Export Data' pop-up, choose whether you'd like to download the CSV file OR send by email.

  • The exported report will be sent to the email that appears in the pop-up

4. You will see the Credit Card Fee column in the exported report once opened in Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers

Note: This column will show every individual fee within the date range selected. To see the total for the fees you will need to add a =SUM formula or another method to total the column.

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