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Credit Card Fees - Passing onto the customer
Credit Card Fees - Passing onto the customer

How do I add credit card processing fees to an invoice, so that my customer can cover the cost of processing their credit card?

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You can pass the credit card processing fees to customers, but there are many things to consider. Most of what we can do involving credit and debit cards is governed by contracts with the card companies. However, there are States namely; California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Oklahoma —and Puerto Rico have laws that prohibit merchants from charging consumers with surcharges on credit card transactions.

On the other hand, some states such as Maryland, Nevada, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming have laws that allow merchants to give discounts to encourage consumers to use forms of payment other than credit or debit cards. 

If you'd like to charge the credit card processing fee to your customers, you'll have to include it on their invoices manually as there is no automated process we can offer at this time. Just add a processing fee service item in your products and services list. Then add that item in the second line of the invoice. 

I hope that information is helpful, but the best help will come from an accountant. I can help you with using the program, but they can give you the best business accounting practices that you're looking for. 

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