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Average Job Size Dashboard Report
Average Job Size Dashboard Report

Learn what this report shows and how to use it.

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The average job size dashboard report appears on the main dashboard of your account. The report cannot be deleted, but it can be moved anywhere on the dashboard. To move the report, select the “reorder dashboard reports” button on the bottom left of your dashboard.

The average job size dashboard report shows the total revenue earned divided by the total number of jobs completed. This report defaults to a weekly view and also includes a comparison average job size for the previous week and quarter.

How it's calculated

Average job size = (sum of $ value of completed jobs)/(count of completed jobs)

Week = starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. For example, if it is Tuesday, this week job size will consider any jobs completed on Sunday, Monday or today.

How to filter the report

You can filter to a different time period on the chart by clicking on the pyramid icon in the top right corner of the card. After clicking on the filter icon, you can change the reported time frame by selecting daily, weekly or monthly.

  • In the daily view, you will see data for the past 7 days.

  • In the weekly view, you will see data for the past quarter (13 weeks).

  • In the monthly view, you will see data for the past year (12 months).

In all views, the final metric will be your current average job size, whether it's today, this week or this month.

How to drill down into report details

Click anywhere on the average job size chart to drill into the jobs that make up your average job size.

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