Revenue is one of the most important metrics used to evaluate your business performance. The job revenue earned dashboard report will show you how much job revenue you've earned and how that revenue compares to the past.

How it's calculated

By default, your Job revenue earned dashboard report will show your current week's revenue and weekly revenue over the past quarter.

Revenue earned = sum of $ value of all completed jobs

This week includes any jobs that you’ve completed during this calendar week, or revenue earned Sunday through today's date.

The average revenue line on the chart will show your average total revenue for the selected time frame.

How to filter the report

You can filter to a different time period on the chart by clicking on the pyramid icon in the top right corner of the card. After clicking on the filter icon, you can change the reported time frame by selecting daily, weekly or monthly.

  • In the daily view, you will see data for the past 7 days.

  • In the weekly view, you will see data for the past quarter (13 weeks).

  • In the monthly view, you will see data for the past year (12 months).

In all views, the final metric will be your current job revenue, whether it's today, this week or this month.

How to drill down into report details

Click anywhere on the revenue chart to drill into the jobs that make up your job revenue earned.

How to move the report

To move the report, select the Reorder dashboard reports button on the bottom left of your dashboard.

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