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Company Dashboard Changes - Feature Cards Overview
Company Dashboard Changes - Feature Cards Overview
Written by James Nichols
Updated this week

Welcome to the upgraded reporting cards – your business metrics command center! Now, you can customize your cards to present the key metrics that matter most to you, whether job tags or invoices. Swiftly transform business data into business insights, catapulting your work and allowing you to make better business decisions.

You’ll see new updates throughout 2024.

These cards will receive updated functionality:

If you have any questions or need assistance updating your reporting cards, please contact us using the blue chat bubble on the web app.

How to use the new reporting cards on the dashboard

Your data, your way. Our new reporting business cards allow you to fine-tune your card, allowing you to refine your filters, set date ranges, and change the card presentation.

How can I change the card display settings?

You can change the display settings by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of card. Once selected, your card will continue to display these settings when you return to your dashboard.

How can I access more detailed information within the card?

You can click the “eye” symbol or anywhere on the graph to view additional information about the report.

After diving deeper, you'll have full access to the report, including the ability to change filters, add metrics, or see results on a list view by selecting any data row within the report.

How do I change the filters or date range?

To change the report filters, date range, or metrics in the report drill down into the card. After drilling down into the card, you’ll be on the full report page and can change the report settings. For more information on how to customize the report, use this article: customizing reports on the dashboard.

Can I save the changes back to my dashboard?

Yes. After you drill down and make any changes to the report, you can save the settings back to your dashboard by clicking on “save” in the report view. You can also change the name of the report and this will update your dashboard card.

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