How to set up Online Booking

View this quick tutorial to learn how to get set up for Online Booking with HouseCall, Facebook and your website!

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We launched a new, improved Online Booking tool! Our newest Online Booking is optimized for mobile, provides advanced scheduling options, and allows you to customize the appointment intake form.

One of the most proven ways to increase business and provide a five star experience for your customer is by being there when a customer needs you. And even though you can’t be available 24/7, you can essentially be open for business if you provide your customers with the ability to schedule appointments with you online. This functionality you can put on your website, Facebook page, and your other social media channels, makes it convenient for customers, reduces the timely scheduling work you normally do over the phone, and it offers a customer service benefit that differentiates you from your competitors.

Online booking is more than just offering customers a handy self-service calendar on your website, it is proven to be major advantage in helping businesses manage their time more effectively, increase service jobs, and build trust with customers.

Set up Online Booking Within Your Housecall Pro Account

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Click on the setting gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard.

Click 'Price Book' in the left sidebar.

1. Toggle Services from Price Book.

You can toggle on the items you want to enable for online booking so that customers can see and book them. You can also add photos to your services at this time.

PRO TIP: Avoid any technical language and keep the service and description simple for the customer!

2. Set your service area.

This will insure that only customers within a certain radius of your business are able to schedule a job with you. Service area only applies to the Housecall consumer app and search engines booking.

3. When are you open?

Set your time slots so that customers can book an arrival window. This will allow you to book several jobs in a day and manage your schedule more easily.

4. Setting your availability.

Setting your availability will allow customers to book you a certain number of days in advance. For example, if it's a 3 day availability, the the customer cannot book into your calendar sooner than 3 days from the day they book. If it is Monday, they will not be able to book into your calendar for an appointment that occurs before Friday.

5. Enable online booking

Go to 'My Apps'. Click 'Go To App Store'. Select the platform you wish to install your online booking widget on.

In the 'Online Booking' section of the apps page go to your 'Online Booking' app and click 'Learn More'

Flip the toggle to turn on online booking

You will get this pop up once it is turned on

The page will look like this once turned on.

6. Preview your booking site

This will allow you to see what your online booking page looks like. You can use the URL to enable online booking on your Facebook page or Website.

PRO TIP! You'll also want to make sure you have at least one employee as a Field Tech with the permission to "be booked online" toggled on so your time slots become bookable by customers.

Your online booking is now good to go- you can now install your booking widget on your website and Facebook page! Please chat in if you need any assistance.

Remember, if you ever need to make changes to your Online Booking page, you can make edits at any time to any of the items we customized in the video. As soon as you make the edits, they will be live for your customers to see and book online!Once that is complete, you can connect your Online Booking page to your  Facebook and Website by following the steps outlined in the links below:

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Learn more about why online booking is right for your business.

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