In this video we will cover the steps needed to set up and customize your online booking page!

To quickly recap what you want to have updated in your account:

  • Your business address, located in your Company Profile.
  • Your Service Area.
  • Your Online Booking Windows, located under Business Hours.
  • Your Price List (be sure the items are toggled to Book Online, and that you add an image for each item that you want to be visible on your booking page.)

Once that is complete, you can connect your Online Booking page to your Yelp, Facebook, and Website by following the steps outlined in the links below:

Remember, if you ever need to make changes to your Online Booking page, you can make edits at any time to any of the items we customized in the video. As soon as you make the edits, they will be live for your customers to see and book online!

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