Once time tracking is enabled for your account, you can easily adjust clock in and out times for your employees if/when they forget to. 

1. Click the 'My Apps' tab, then the 'Time Tracking' icon

2. Click the corresponding point between the date (on the left) and the employee name (at the top)

3. To edit, click directly onto the 'In' or 'Out' time

  • To delete, check the box to the left and click the trash can (above the map) and confirm by clicking 'Delete'

  • To add an entry, click '+ New Entry'

4. Click 'Save' once you're finished!

To View Clock In/Out Locations: 

1. Follow steps 1 & 2 above

2. Click on the shift you'd like to view clock in/out locations for 

NOTE: If clock in/out locations are not being recorded, make sure your employee's mobile device has location settings turned on for the Housecall Pro app and the phone itself. To learn how to export a report, click here.

Time Tracking Overview - how to enable, clock in/out in the field, where to view reports

Employee Clock In/Out & Timecard

Time Tracking - Export Report

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