Time Tracking Overview

Learn how to configure time tracking so your employees can track their time in the field.

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Time Tracking settings can be accessed from the app store under My Apps, or from Account Settings.

Navigating From My Apps

  1. Click on 'My Apps' from the top navigation bar

  2. Click 'Go to App Store'

  3. Scroll down to the Operations section and click 'Learn More' on the Time Tracking card

  4. Click 'Settings' which will take you to the time tracking settings page

Navigating From Account Settings

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right of the navigation bar and click 'Account Settings Gear Icon'

2. Click on the 'Time tracking' card which will take you to the settings page

Time Tracking Settings

Tracking Total Clocked-in Hours

When the first setting 'Total clocked-in time and timesheets' is toggled on, the clock in/out widget will be available to employees on the mobile app dashboard. This allows your employees to clock-in and out of their workday and track total clocked-in hours on a timesheet.

  • To clock in/out on the mobile app, simply tap on the time tracking box

  • This section will turn green when clocked in and will have a running timer. Tapping it again will clock out and stop the timer

  • Clicking on the Timecard box next to it will show your employee their total hours clocked for the week

A Timesheet report will also be available from the web portal. This can be accessed by clicking 'Timesheet' under my apps, or by adding the Timesheet report widget to your dashboard.


  • The timesheet report gives you a detailed view of your employees' time entries and total hours

  • As long as your employees have their location services enabled for their mobile device, their locations will be logged with their time entry and can be viewed by clicking into the time entry

  • Entries can be edited, added, or deleted from this page. Date ranges can also be specified and the report can be exported. Learn more here

Time Tracking Settings

Tracking Time on Jobs

When the second setting 'Travel and time on jobs' is toggled on, any employee assigned to a job will be able to track their individual travel time and time on jobs they're assigned to from the mobile app.

When employees are assigned to a job they can tap 'On my way' to start tracking their travel time, and 'Start my time' to start tracking their time on the job.

Employees can 'Pause their time' if they need to leave the job without marking it as Finished. They'll be able to select a reason and leave a note, and then start their time again when they come back to the job.

Once work is finished, simply tap 'Finish Job' which will stop tracking time automatically and mark the job as finished. Employees' total travel and time on the job can be viewed from the mobile app and web portal.

For more details on tracking and reporting on time on jobs see Tracking Time on Jobs.

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