To turn time tracking on, follow the steps below: 

1. Click on the 'My Apps' tab

2. Click 'Get More Apps

3. Scroll down to the Productivity section and click on Time Tracking 

4. Click the toggle on the right to activate Time Tracking. 

This action will add the clock in/out widget to the mobile app dashboard for your employees.

  • To clock in/out on the mobile app, simply tap on the time tracking box.

  • This section will turn green when clocked in (see below).

  • Note: If this doesn't appear right away, have your employees completely log out of the app and then back in. 

It will also create a report on the web portal dashboard (admins only). 

  • By clicking the eye icon, you can access and edit a more detailed view of your employees' clock ins and outs

  • As long as your employees have their location services enabled for their mobile device, their locations will be logged with their clock in/out

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