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Vehicle GPS Tracking: Overview
Vehicle GPS Tracking: Overview

Learn how to use Vehicle GPS Tracking and Fleet Management powered by Force Fleet Tracking

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Easily monitor where your vehicles are on the Housecall Pro map, utilizing GPS hardware that plugs right into your trucks.

You can purchase GPS Tracking devices in your Housecall Pro account at $20 per vehicle per month with no contracts. For more information on setting up this feature, check out this article.

Live Map

Get a complete understanding of where your techs are so you can optimize your schedule, book more jobs, and increase revenue.

To access your map, log into Housecall Pro and click on the Map icon in the top right hand corner.

Locations are updated in real time!

Note: Vehicle data will update in real time, but employee data may not update as fast. So, don't be alarmed if you see your tech and truck in different places on the map!

Drivers will appear on your map in three different states:

  • Offline

  • Parked

  • En Route

On My Way Link

The Customer On My Way text message now has a link to view the driver's location. The text will also include the vehicle and license number.

The pro who clicks On My Way in the app will be the one whose picture and information is displayed in the text received by the customer. If multiple pros are assigned to a job, all pros will be displayed in the job details link.

Make sure to add your license plate numbers into your Force Fleet Tracking account.

The customer map link will expire after you or your tech pushes Start, Finish, Invoice/Pay or after 2 hours (whichever comes first)

If you dispatch trucks that are not assigned to a Force device, those customer links will not include vehicle data.

Note: We suggest changing the default On My Way text to say “track your tech here:“ Check out this help article to learn how!

NOTE: You can toggle this feature on or off depending if you'd like your On My Way texts to include vehicle data.

Force Fleet Tracking Dashboard

You will be able to access your Force Fleet Tracking account through the magic link in Housecall Pro. To do so, login to Housecall Pro, and click on My Apps at the top banner of the screen. Locate the Vehicle GPS Tracking app card and click Learn More. From there, log in to Force.

Within your Force account, you'll also be able to access:

  • Trip history reporting for every job

  • Driver scores and Vehicle safety

  • Vehicle status and Maintenance

  • Geofences

    • alerts if a vehicle leaves after hours, arrives at the office, gets to a job site

  • Reports

Downloading the Force Fleet Tracking App

1. Download the Force Fleet Tracking app on your phone

2. Open the app and click "Reset Password"

3. Enter the email address associated with your Housecall Pro account

4. Follow the prompts to set a new password and access your Force Fleet Tracking account


How reliable is the Force Fleet Tracking tracking?

Force Fleet Tracking is an exceptionally reliable and proven service. Over the years, Force Fleet Tracking has connected more than one million trucks, vans and cars to their platform. They meet and exceed the stringent reliability requirements of partners like T-Mobile.

Is the location sharing functionality a manual process or an automated process?

Once your Force account is set up with Housecall Pro, anytime you send an “On My Way” text to your customer, it’ll automatically include a map with the tech’s location.

Can techs easily unplug the devices?

Force Fleet Tracking will alert you that a device is offline.

Do you have Dashcams?

Dashcams through Force Fleet Tracking will be available very soon! Click here to learn more and add yourself to the waitlist.

How often does the map refresh?

The HCP map will appear real time for admins; it will refresh every 10 seconds for customer text messages.

Where can I see truck locations?
Seeing your techs in real time is available on the main Map feature in HCP - not on the individual job details maps. You can also see your tech’s live locations in your Force Fleet Tracking dashboard.


For set up support, contact the Force Fleet Tracking support team at or call them at 1-806-855-8255

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